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Spellings will be tested every Monday, and times tables will be tested Fridays.


Library books can be changed before and after school.

Please check the Library door for opening times.


PE kits are required for Tuesdays and Fridays.


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Welcome to Oak Class. We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class and we range from 9 to 11 years old. Our class teacher is Mrs. Montgomerie. We are supported in class by our learning support assistant Mrs Hussey.  For the first 6 weeks of this term we are also being taught by Mrs. Jones, a trainee teacher with the Anton Andover Alliance SCITT.


Oak class' topic this term is Being British - World War II'.  We will be finding out about the reasons that Britain went to war, the preparations that were made to protect the citizens and the impact of the conflict on life in Britain.  Our Science work, on light, will link into this as we consider how light travels and can be blocked.  This will be useful when we consider how searchlights could be used and how materials helped householders adhere to the blackout regulations.


Our Literacy work will be linked to our topic work and we will write diary entries, biographies, newspaper recounts and non-chronological reports.  In Art, we will continue the theme with work on sketching of wartime aeroplanes, recreating propaganda posters and looking at the work created by wartime artists.


We will enhance our topic work with a trip to Milestones museum, where we will learn more about life in the 1930s and 1940s.


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Eat your Sprouts!


This week we have considered which persuasive features are used in adverts.  We then applied them to our own work, trying to persuade people to eat their sprouts.


We hope you enjoy sprouts with your festive dinner.


Watch Talia, Cathryn and Alice's advert.

Watch Harry, Krish and Josh's advert.


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4th February

11th February


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Being British - World War II