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How is writing taught?


Further Links


Maths, English and Science games


Stories and Activities


Activities for spelling practice


Activities and fun for younger children


Activities and fun for children


Interactive Learning for KS2


Good General Sites

Choose the level, Years 1-2 try KS1 and Years 3-6 try KS2.


Places to start your research

Ask questions, search for information or just browse and discover!

Check up on the weather, latest news or sports scores.


Maths Games

No two numbers the same in each row or column or small rectangle. Some seem a little tricky, just give it a minute and use your logical problem solving skills to help.

Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple game and a fun way to learn times tables.


Literacy Games

A fantastic site with the tools to help you plan and begin your very own story.




Ideas to inspire your creativity, you can make your own comic page or an online book


Science Games


All sorts of games!

Lots of mad games, some requiring more effort than others.


Keyboard Skills

Try this out, it takes a while but will improve your typing skill and speed.


If you are looking for something more active try the ideas on these sites: