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Welcome back Beech Class

KS1 Nativity

Marwell Zoo

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Welcome to Beech Class. We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 Class. Our teachers are Mrs Smith, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Chattell, supported by Mrs Lavender, Mrs Dovey and Mrs Taylor.

Beech Class will be studying the Polar regions, finding them on maps and understanding the difficulties of life as well as learning new vocabulary to describe the features. To put this in context, the children will have experiences of measuring temperature and therefore reading scales. By comparing different areas of the world, the children will be able to answer the key question with reasons and examples, by the end of the summer term.

To accompany the Geography the children will be drawing and making animals in the form of puppets and with our fingers crossed we will be visiting Marwell Zoo.

In English the children will continue to explore the polar regions. They will investigate snowy settings and which animals live there, whilst developing their vocabulary. Then they will meet a penguin friend and take them on an adventure! The children will develop their knowledge of fiction and non fiction texts. Then they will become experts and write fact files about penguins and animals who live in the contrasting heat. Look out for some postcard writing after we explore Meercat Mail by Emily Gravett.

The children will be identifying a variety of common animals in Science. They will learn how to classify and sort animals by their similarities and differences. The children will explore the structure of different types of animals and investigate scientific classifications: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and insects

In RE the children will be thinking about specialness in the form of Special places and later the stories of Creation.

The children will be developing their music skills and applying their knowledge to a new instrument this term: the ukulele. They will practice plucking and strumming and develop their listening skills to follow and play simple patterns. 

Beech Class are working on improving their throwing skills with Debs Costen and will be progressing onto using these skills to play Scatterball.

They will also develop their jumping skills in Real PE. The children will work hard to improve their social cog by demonstrating turn taking, helping others, praising others and listening to and sharing ideas, whilst improving their skills.

Class Information

The Library is currently closed due to COVID19 restrictions.

PE is on Thursday and Friday, please come to school wearing PE kit. 

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Curriculum Overview Summer 2021

Lost and Found

We have been listening to the story, 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  The children were very excited to find their own penguins to help them with their work this term.

In DT we have been making hand puppets, exploring design, materials and how to hold the puppet together.  As a practice, we made penguin puppets out of paper.  This progressed to designing and making a felt hand puppet. The children needed patience, calm and resilience to enable them to design, cut and sew their pieces together. They then spent some time evaluating their project as a whole

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