Cliddesden Primary School

Learning Together, Growing Together

Cliddesden Primary School, Cliddesden, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG25 2QU

01256 321571 - Fax: 01256 3336

Our Values 



We want to do our best and aspire to great things for our futures.



We are all individuals but also part of a team. We have many opportunities to work together and co-operation is key.



We persevere no matter how difficult the task is. We hold the view that the harder you try, the better you get.



We are all responsible for our learning and keeping our school a safe and happy place to be.



No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop


Respect and Harmony

Everyone deserves respect and should be treated with dignity. We promote this value within and outside our school. We celebrate diversity. We may have different opinions and beliefs but should always respect our differences.



Be honest at all times no matter what has happened. Remember that honesty brings trust.




At Cliddesden Primary School we work together as a community to provide a happy, secure, supportive and stimulating environment where every child is encouraged to achieve to the absolute best of their ability whilst retaining a love of learning that will stay with them into their adult lives.


Our Ethos


We aim for all our children to:

  • Enjoy school in a safe learning environment
  • Achieve high standards across the curriculum through challenge
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live
  • Respect and value intercultural diversity
  • Develop enquiring minds with motivation to learn
  • Work independently and collaboratively
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices
  • Have well developed communication and social skills
  • Have self confidence and high self esteem
  • To show tolerance and respect to all others

To achieve these aims for our children we are committed to providing the following:

  • A welcoming, stimulating and safe learning environment
  • High expectations of our children and ourselves
  • A broad , balanced and relevant curriculum
  • High quality teaching using a variety of strategies
  • A range of resources that are effectively used to support learning
  • Equal access to all aspects of the curriculum and school life
  • Support, guidance and training for all those who teach and work with our children
  • To foster and maintain links with our villages and the wider community
  • To recognise and celebrate achievements in all areas of home and school life
  • A happy staff working enthusiastically together to achieve our vision and aims.