Cliddesden Primary School

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Cliddesden Primary School, Cliddesden, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG25 2QU

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Monitoring Progress

Parents are informed of their children's progress on a termly basis. At the very start of the autumn term we have an open afternoon where parents can meet their children’s new teacher and discuss the year’s organisation and expectations. In the autumn and spring terms we have consultation evenings to discuss progress. In the summer term the annual report is sent out to parents and in the autumn and spring terms report cards showing the child’s progress and targets. The school has an ‘open door policy’ and parents are welcome to arrange an appointment with the Headteacher or the class teacher at any time. 

Teachers make on-going teacher assessments of children's attainment and progress and keep their own records to inform their planning. A termly assessment week is identified across the school during which teachers will make a more detailed assessment and take samples of work to help monitor the progress of individuals and groups. In addition Pupil Progress Reviews are undertaken with input from the Headteacher and Inclusion Manager.