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Willow Class


Welcome back Willow Class

KS1 Nativity

Willow Class visit Marwell Zoo

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Welcome to Willow Class.  We are a mixed Foundation Stage and Year 1 class.  Our class teachers are Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Robinson, supported by Mrs Sumner and Mrs Verwoerdt.

Willow Class will be thinking about ‘Amazing Animals’.

We will be starting in the coldest regions of the world, looking at the animals and how they live in the cold. There are many different species of penguin, so the children will be discovering all about them and where they live.

The children will move onto the wettest regions in the world, and explore some rainforest animals. Our focus artist, Henri Rousseau, will inspire us to draw and camouflage tigers and other creatures.

Then the children will continue to explore our world and find out about the hottest and driest regions on our planet.

As we learn more about the habitats in the world, the children will be thinking about the conservation of our amazing planet and the animals who share it with us.

Our books will be a mixture of stories and non-fiction this term, focusing on word choices and information styles.

In RE, the children will be finding more about specialness in Christianity and Judaism in the first half of term. Then the class will be sharing stories about people who Jesus met, and the importance of these stories for Christians.

In Science, we will be looking at variation and adaptations in animals. We will be classifying animals into groups according to their features.

The Y1 children will be exploring textiles through puppet designs and making a penguin puppet.

Our SCARF lessons will be focusing on ‘Being My Best’, helping the children to learn resilience and healthy habits.

Class Information

The Library is currently closed due to COVID19 restrictions.

PE is on Wednesday and Friday, please come to school wearing PE kit.

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Curriculum Overview Summer 2021

Class Charter

Rainforest Journey

As part of our Amazing Animals learning theme, today the children are travelling to Brazil!

The classroom has been transformed into an aeroplane ready to fly the children to Manaus in Brazil.

The children had packed their rucksacks full of useful things ready for their flight today.

As the children arrived at Gatwick airport, they were greeted by British Airways flight attendants. They were guided through to a scanner to check their backpacks. Pushing the tray through the scanner was fun! Next, the children had to walk through the metal detector to check for any metal objects. Sometimes it went beep and the children looked for metal bits on their coats as the flight attendants scanned them again.

At Passport control, the class had the passports they had made, checked and stamped. The children were shown to the Departure lounge where they relaxed with some holiday magazines!

Our flight to Manaus was then announced and seat numbers were called. The children checked their number then went onboard to match their ticket to a seat.

After our safety checks, we set off, watching the pilot in the cockpit and the ground get further away. It was very noisy and the children had to pop their ears once we reached the clouds and higher!

There was time for inflight food and drink served by the air stewards. As our flight was very long the class watched an inflight movie (Octonauts in the Amazon), which helped prepare the children for seeing some amazing animals.

Once the plane had landed and the seatbelt signs were turned off, the children went to Arrivals to meet their guide. They shared their backpack contents with the guide who helped them decide if they were going to be useful.

Now the children were ready to explore. They paired up and kept near the guide, spotting and counting animals. The binoculars were the most useful item in their backpacks.

After a camp lunch, the guide helped the children find and draw some of the animals.

The children had a great experience and we hope this will inspire the children in the next few weeks to find out more about these amazing animals.