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Health and Wellbeing

We understand that children get poorly and our policy is that is they have a fever, stomach virus or are clearly unwell enough to carry out the daily school routine then they should stay at home. However, many cold viruses although unpleasant do not hinder being able to come into school. We obviously leave your child’s condition to your judgement, and there are times we will send a child home if they are clearly not well enough to be in school but encourage good school attendance. This link will be of help to you and is also on our website in Virtual Office/Health Information.

NHS Healthier Together

ChatHealth is a suite of text support services for parents, carers, families and young people in Hampshire. There are three ChatHealth services for:

  • Parents and carers of children under 5
  • Parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-19 years
  • Young people aged 11-19

Click here for ChatHealth.



We aim for all our children to be fit and healthy. We encourage our children to be active at playtimes and there is always a range of activities for them to engage in, including our outdoor multi-gym.

At break, pupils burn off their energy in the vibrant and busy playground. Pupils share with each other and include others in their games. - Ofsted November2021

The children have PE lessons twice a week led by specialist sports coaches and our teachers who are proficient in teaching PE.


Our PSHE SCARF curriculum promotes healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. Our staff know all our children well and we give emotional and well being support when required. Mrs Lavender, our ELSA supports key children and our Inclusion Leader Mrs Smith works with vulnerable groups.


We encourage healthy eating through our Science and PSHE curriculums. We encourage all children to have a hot school dinner but also allow packed lunches. We do encourage these to be balanced and healthy.

Click here for School Health Packed Lunch Guidance and also visit these sites for healthy ideas.

Special menus are provided with children who have allergies to certain foods. We do not allow nuts and eggs in snacks or lunches for this reason.

New Year R children please find the link to:  HC3S' New Year R Starter Guide  This gives you all the information you need to know about school lunches at Cliddesden.