Brodowski Quartet

We were very pleased to welcome the Brodowski quartet back to Cliddesden School this year. They started with a lovely Viennese waltz piece before introducing their individual instruments.


Children listened carefully to the different tones of the stringed instruments which included two violins, a viola and a cello as they played ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’.


Children learnt that their instruments were played using a bow and that they can be played Forte, meaning loudly, or Piano, meaning quietly. With this in mind children were instructed to stand when they could hear an instrument being played Forte and sit when they heard them playing Piano. They did this to a piece of music by Johann Strauss.


Children learnt that music consisted of a melody, base and harmony which when played together, made the music more exciting.


The next piece was ‘Oh Little One Sweet’ by J.S. Bach and a few children were picked to control the playing of instruments by lifting the musician’s hats which indicated ‘stop playing’, lots of fun.


Mrs. Hussey, Chloe, Josh and Joey each had a turn to conduct the quartet at differing speeds to ‘Deck the Halls’, the quartet commented on Mrs Hussey's natural ability.


The concert ended with a question and answer session and Jingle bells, always a favourite.


A lovely concert with lots of audience participation.

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