This week the Year 5’s have taken part in a Bikeability course. On Monday we learnt about the different checks we needed to carry out before taking to the road. Everyone completed a clothing check and ensured their helmets were fitted correctly. After making sure that we were ready, it was time to check our bikes – we learnt that there were two checks that can be carried out – the ‘M check’ and the ‘ABC check’. We used both forms of bike check to make sure we were safe to cycle.


Over the course of the week we learnt how to control our bikes and how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Initially we practiced our skills on the playground to prepare us for on-road cycling. We practiced many skills such as: passing parked and slow moving vehicles, making a U-turn, passing a side road and identifying different hazards. We also learnt how to signal to inform other road users and how to correctly use junctions on major and minor roads. Additionally, we looked at the Highway Code and ensured we understood how and when to use cycle lanes and where to ride on the road elsewhere. The Year 5’s thoroughly enjoyed their week and improved their understanding of how to safely ride a bicycle.

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