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In our topic this term, we have been learning about World War 2.  To enhance our learning about this topic, on Wednesday 13thFebruary Oak class visited Milestones museum.  The museum brings history alive and during our trip we participated in many activities.


After we had settled in, we made our way to the 1930s area.  Our first activity, which taught us about different precautions taken against air raids, was led by an ARP warden called Lucy.  She told us about the different types of gas masks.  There was even a Mickey Mouse gas mask for children which made raspberry noises.  Lucy also had a heavy-duty gas mask, which wardens would have had as they would have needed to be in the danger zone for longer.


On the table, she had a device which made the air raid siren noise, a gas rattle which was very loud and she had a water pump next to her, which would help the ARP wardens to put out small fires.  She gave us a demonstration of how it would work.  She also showed us a replica Anderson shelter, which many people had in their gardens to help protect them from falling bombs. 


Next, we met Mrs Foster, who explained the rationing system. This was introduced to make sure that everyone (rich or poor) got a fair share of the available food in Britain.  We had to try and work out which items would have been available during the war. 


When we had finished with Mrs Foster, we went to see a bus conductor on a 1930s bus.  She showed us different types of tickets and explained the different costs.  Two people from our class worked as conductors on the bus – one handed out some tickets and the other clipped them to make a small hole in the corner of the ticket.


After lunch, we headed straight back to the 1930s area.  We went to the 1930s sweet shop.  This was our favourite activity of the day and everyone sat in the museum sketching wartime items whilst we ate our sweets.


Our class had a fantastic trip.  We all agreed that we had learnt a lot.  If you haven’t been for a visit yet, we recommend you go there this half term!


Liam (and Mrs Montgomerie)

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