Brodowski Quartet

Brodowski Quartet came into school today and took the children on a tour to different countries with their music.


They visited Germany first with a piece from Brahms (1833-1897).  The Quartet introduced themselves and their instruments.  Children learnt that violins were first made in Italy, as we know them today, and are the smallest of the string family.  Also, playing with a bow has a name, ‘Arco’.  Next in line with a deeper sound is the viola followed by the Cello with a very deep sound.


The next piece played was by Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) followed by Peter Warlock (1894-1910) which brought us back to England where children learnt the difference between the melody, harmony and base. 

Rylan, India, Annabella and Krish were invited up to demonstrate the differences by being the Quartets controllers.


Borodin (1833-1887) was the next piece played and children were encouraged to picture the story behind the music as they listened.


Off to Austria with Mozart (1756-1791) where children had a try at conducting the quartet along with Mrs. Hussey who was nominated by her class.


The children clapped along to the ‘Sailors Hornpipe’ before the final piece.


It was a lovely summer concert.

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