Oak Production - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies


What a truly spectacular performance by Oak Class.  A show full of fantastic acting, beautiful singing and packed with lots of humour.  A great way to end the year.

Deep in Sherwood forest, in 1192, the people live in wooden houses and are forced to live in filth. It used to be such a happy place until the evil King John (who is really a prince) started to run out of money and raised the taxes.


Our story starts in the forest, where the scene is set by Billie Wigglestick, our narrator. The villagers, Nursie and Will Scarlett are searching for Maid Marion, whose father is off fighting with the true King - Richard the Lion Heart - in the crusades in Jerusalem. Marion wants to put a stop to yet another rise in taxes enforced by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his guards. But how will she be able to do this when the villagers are running scared?


As the village becomes more penniless by the day, Marion is desperate for help. But Nursie notices an advert in the paper for what she thinks is a fighting force - the Merry Men! Nursie and Will Scarlett agree that the Merry Men do seem to be the answer to all of their problems, and they send Nursie’s Skunk Scouts to summon their assistance.

Back at the castle, the Sheriff reports on his visit to the villagers. King John is not best pleased and the Sheriff and his guards need to improve his mood. The chief torturer (Gavin) is summoned and we meet his assistant, Genghis, and their latest prisoners, Grabbit and Bolt. Grabbit and Bolt impress the King with their flattery, and instead of torture, the King orders the Sheriff to make them his henchmen.


As the Sheriff and his team ride back towards Sherwood, to collect their taxes, the villagers finally meet the Merry Men and discover that they aren’t quite the fighting force that they were expecting.


Dressed in their finest tights and armed with a bottle of ketchup, will these Merry Men save the day by robbing from the rich? Can they defend the villagers from the evil Sheriff’s plans by giving the performance of their lives?


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