Year 5 visit QMC

All of Year 5 were invited to work with volunteers from AWE at QMC to find out more about Space.
We found out why we have different seasons as well as why we have different time zones.  We also learnt about the vacuum of Space.  One of the volunteers had a bottle with marshmallows in, and as she pumped all the air out, the marshmallows grew bigger and bigger until they couldn't move around in the bottle any more.
We also tried to blow up balloons inside bottles.  We were very surprised when only some of us could - until we looked closely at the bottles themselves!  
Some of the bottles had a small hole in, which meant that the air inside the bottle could move out of the way for the balloon.  We also saw how hot air can have less pressure, which helped a water balloon to be sucked into a hot flask.
Our favourite part of the afternoon was making paper rockets.  We investigated which adaptations made the rocket fly further and discovered that a nose cone and 3 fins made the rocket fly the entire length of the QMC hall.
We had a really good afternoon at QMC.  Many thanks to the staff involved.
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