Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

Our Tag Rugby team took part this week in the final Norman League meeting at Brighton Hill Community School . Standing in second place, five points behind Hatch Warren there was
all to play for.

We had an outstanding victory in our first game, defeating St John’s 5-2 and the trophy was back in our sights. However, how Hatch Warren played was out of our hands and they also won their first game against Chalk Ridge.


We were straight back on the pitch for our second game against Chalk Ridge who stood their ground and held us to a 2-2 draw and our hopes started fading. We watched with fingers crossed as Hatch Warren took on

St Johns but the Warreners showed their 

strength and took all 5 points.

With runners up guaranteed we had only pride to play for against League Winners Hatch Warren. It proved to be a thrilling game with end to end action. Just before the final whistle blew Alize scored a well deserved try and the game ended 5-4 to Hatch Warren.


Well done to all the squad who played over the season. For such a small school in a league with much larger ones, second place is still commendable. Also we congratulate Hatch
Warren for winning the league for the first time and thank Mr Filbey from Overton Rugby Club for organising this and the many other tournaments across Basingstoke and Deane.


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