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Oak Class visit SEARCH

On Wednesday 19th of September, Oak class visited SEARCH in Gosport. Oak got to touch real animals (which had been stuffed but had passed away before being found by the S.E.A.R.C.H. team who brought it in to be stuffed) including: ferrets, finches, crocodiles, hares and a variety of others. SEARCH is a natural museum about extinct animals and our natural world. They thought that it was a fun and experience-filled museum with hundreds of exhibits including a Charles Darwin house exhibit and stuffed animals. Oak studied the animals and insects as well as rocks. There was also a range of fossils and crystals that they could touch. Oak Class talked about the pioneers of evolution theory: Mary Anning and Charles Darwin with the tree of life. 

While at Darwin’s house exhibit some of the children read Darwin biography as if they were him. After having a delicious Lunch, Oak got to experience Mary Anning’s curiosity findings and even felt fossilized dung! After that they got to play some educational games! They explored a fossil exhibit with a fun quiz about dinosaurs that lived at Gosport millions of years ago! These include: Icthesaurs, Iguanodon, Elasmasaurus, Mammoths and many more! Oak had an enjoyable day and learnt a lot more about their topic- Evolving Earth.


By Quinn


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