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EYFS and KS1 Nativity - Bethlehem Bake Off

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At an inn in Bethlehem, a special live edition of the popular television programme, Bethlehem Bake-Off, is about to be filmed.  The show’s presenters welcome viewers to the show and set off the contestants on their first task – to make some delicious unleavened bread.

As the contestants get cracking, Lou and Saul ask a group of shepherds what has led them to take part. The shepherds tell the story of their visit by a choir of angels, bringing them news of a very special baby who was to be born in a nearby stable. The shepherds had run all the way to Bethlehem and arrived early – so early that they could take part in the competition.

The presenters make their way over to three other contestants – the Three Wise Men. Their story is equally peculiar, following a star from the East that has led them all the way to Bethlehem.

It is time for judging. One of the Wise Men, Balthazar, is delighted when he receives a Bethlehem handshake from Saul.

It is time for the second challenge – a special birthday cake. Saul provides some (un)helpful advice and away the bakers go. Josiah asks the angels what constitutes a perfect cake. They acknowledge that baking isn’t their greatest strength, but that making anything with love will make it taste much better.

With five minutes of the challenge remaining, action relocates to the stable. Mary and Joseph are already there. In a manger lies baby Jesus. Gradually the stable fills, first the shepherds and then the Wise Men. The kings offer their presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus.

The Angel Gabriel is announced the winner of the Bethlehem Bake Off.


We are so proud of all of the children.  They learnt their lines, performed and sang beautifully.

Merry Christmas to you all.

This photo has been submitted for inclusion in the special edition of the Basingstoke Gazette Nativities.  We have been advised that this will be published either 29 December 2022 or 5 January 2023.  Keep an eye out for your keepsake copy.

The Cast

Presenters:  Joanna, Josiah, Martha and Matthew

Judges:  Lou and Saul

Mary and Joseph


Kings:  Casper, Melchior and Balthazar


Innkeeper and Attendants

Star and Animals