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Ambulance Visit - Willow and Beech Class

Willow Class had a visit today from South Central Ambulance Service and Mr Montgomerie, a paramedic. 

We looked very carefully at the outside and inside of the ambulance. We learnt all about the different equipment and coloured bags inside the ambulance.

The children were great at noticing the features on the ambulance, including the badges, numbers to call and the backwards writing on the front.

The lights looked bright and easy to see, and the siren was very loud.

Mr Montgomerie told us about a typical day and why he loves being a paramedic.

The children listened well and were able to share all they had seen and learnt.

We would like to thank Mr Montgomerie for bringing the education ambulance to share it with us.

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Having just completed their History topic about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, Beech Class could compare how patients were treated during the Crimean War to how they are treated now supported by modern ambulances.

They enjoyed the flashing lights and sirens and had the opportunity to explore the ambulance and ask Mr Montgomerie lots of questions.

Thank you Mr Montgomerie for bringing your ambulance in for us to see.

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