Remote Learning Plan

All our children have returned to full-time education in September 2020 following the part closure and lockdown. We hope that the majority of our children will have an uninterrupted experience. However, there is the possibility that individual children, a class bubble, or the whole school, will need to self-isolate or there will be a local lockdown for a period of time. Therefore, the school has put in place a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education. This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’.  


All our children have a Google account. This allows them to have access to a range of Google Applications including Google classroom. They can also maintain contact with class teachers and other staff through e-mail. It is important all children, and parents, know how to access this Google account.  


Click here for instructions and videos demonstrating how to access Google classroom on laptops, Apple devices and androids.


The school website has a dedicated pages for remote learning  On these pages is important information regarding remote learning during absence from school. 



An initial plan for the first two days of remote learning will be published on the website page. This two day plan will allow staff time to plan remote learning for children in line with the class’ current curriculum learning. It will provide learning across the curriculum and children will be expected to spend a similar amount of time completing this as they would spend learning in school. 


The Two-Day Plan will include English, Maths and a foundation subject. TA timetable will be set on Google Classroom. It would also be worth setting your child up in a space where they can work which is away from distractions!  



After the first two days, the class teacher will have planned learning activities that will enable the child/children to continue the learning journeys they had started in the classroom. This remote learning will be on the Google Classroom. Children in Y1-Y6 may join lessons via Google Meets where appropriate, or there will be video clips to watch teaching key skills, as well as a range of activities to be completed. Key websites we may use for remote learning are BBC Bitesize, BBC Teach, Oak National Academy and White Rose. We may also use Purple Mash, My Maths, Nessy and TT Rockstars. It is expected a child will follow the school timetable. If it is the class teacher who is unwell, there may be some differences with this provision.  


Work set vis Google Classrooms will have deadlines. Children are expected to submit (‘turn-in’) this work before the deadline. Children’s work will be marked through Google Classroom and in addition teachers may send children individual (for privacy) comments about their work as feedback, or give the children a score. 

There may be some changes to this provision if the class teacher becomes unwell.  


  • The daily timetable will include:  
  • Maths  
  • Reading  
  • Writing  
  • Spelling/Phonics  
  • Curriculum Lessons  

In addition there will be on certain days:


  • Story Time- children will be invited to listen to the class story which will be a pre-recorded video.  
  • Assemblies- children will be invited to join the Friday Celebration Assembly via Google Meets.  


  • Daily Reading- Links to reading schemes for KS1 will be provided  


If your child/ren is awaiting a test or is self-isolating, we have produced ‘Isolation’ Learning Grids' with work that your child can complete. These include links Google Classroom and to other learning websites.



Class learning packs will be on the school website and further activities and lessons will be on the Google classroom and Tapestry 



If a child has SEND and has specific learning interventions and support, we will aim to continue this provision in an adapted form online if appropriate. 


Click here for Remote Learning Information for Parents


Click here for our Remote Learning Policy

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