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Beech Class visit QMC

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Our visit to QMC focussed on the developmental stages of animals, their habitats, the differences between animals and our senses.  We enjoyed 4 fun filled activities:

One activity was looking at animals and their young.  We discovered that mammals and their young look very similar.  Insects looked very different in their stages of development.  


We also had great fun building bodies from a baby to an adult keeping the proportions correct.


On a different table we had pictures of a mammal, amphibian, bird, fish and reptile.  The children each took turns picking out of a bag something associated with each of these pictures and they had to guess which one went with which picture.  The children had to work out if they were hot or cold blooded and if they could breathe in air, water or both.  The children did really well in matching and also learnt a lot about the differences between them.

We enjoyed playing a game where we were given a life, air, food/drink and shelter token.  We were then given information about an animal and its habitat.  Some earned you extra tokens whereas others you lost a token. 


It really made us think of the impact food, breathing and habitats have on different animals.


Another activity involved using our senses. We had several small containers each filled with a different scent. We had to guess what each one was. The mint was the easiest to identify and a lot of us were able to recognise the orange. However, the cucumber, tomato and strawberry were not so obvious.
We also taste-tested different apples to see which was sweetest or sourest.