Willow Class visit QMC

The children were very excited to take our first visit out of school on minibuses!


The children had the opportunity to learn all about living things through different activities.


  • Walk around QMC grounds

Lynn (our QMC teacher) took groups on a walk to look at how QMC care for animals and their environment. We found lots of habitats, feeders and litter bins to keep the environment safe for wildlife.


  • What do farm animals give us?- sorting activity

The children and their adult helper, sorted pictures into groups, talking about what the food or product was called and which animal it came from. We were surprised by goats’ wool socks!

  • Am I pet, farm animal or a wild animal?

The children sorted animals and discussed their habitats. Hens could be pets, and farm animals. Rabbits could be pets or wild animals.


  • Herbivores, omnivores or carnivores?

The children tried hard to sort the creatures.


It was tricky but our adult helped us, and there was lots of talking about what each creature might eat and why we thought this. 


Thank-you to Lynn and Bill the bus driver from QMC, and all the adult volunteers who came with us.


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