Beech Class - Lantern Making Workshop

As part of our topic, On a Beam of Light, we have been studying Florence Nightingale.  We learnt that she would carry a lantern and visit wounded soldiers in the hospital at night.  She would talk to them and by the light of her lantern, help them to write letters home.


We also learnt that Guy Fawkes was found in the cellars under the Houses of Parliament carrying a lantern to guide the way.


In Literacy we have been reading 'Are you tired, Little Bear?'  Big Bear used all different sizes of lantern to shed light in Little Bear's room.


At our workshop, we thoroughly enjoyed sharing this story with our family and friends and had so much fun designing and creating our own lanterns.

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Our family and friends said:


  • A lovely morning doing lanterns with children.  Lots of imagination around.
  • I had a brilliant morning getting creative with my daughter and reading the story with our lantern.  Thank you.
  • A fantastic workshop.  Brilliant being able to spend time with my son in school.
  • Great interactive session.  Lots of items to use and support from staff.  Fantastic opportunity to spend time with my daughter in her classroom.
  • Had a lovely time making a lantern with my son and so did he.
  • This activity was amazing for my son and me.  Thank you for the fun and time with him.
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with my son in class.  We love how the topic linked with so many areas of learning and covered diverse learning.  Great activity.
  • Thank you, we really enjoyed working together on our project.  My daughter took the lead and explained her design well.
  • It was exciting to plan and organise our lantern making.  We really enjoyed working together this morning and reading a book in the bear cave was very special.  Great bonding experience - thank you.
  • My son really enjoyed making his lamp and seeing what his classmates made.
  • My son and I had a fab time making our lantern, great idea to get the parents involved and loved the bear cave.
  • My son and I really enjoyed the lantern building.  It was good to be involved with his building.
  • We all enjoyed making a lantern with a handle from old bottles.  Then my Grandson read us the bear story.
  • My daughter had a great time at the workshop.  We thought the range of materials was great and loved being able to go to the bear cave to read the story.  Excellent morning.
  • Thank you for such a lovely lantern craft making workshop!  My son enjoyed making his lantern and used problem solving on how to make a handle!  We snuggled up in the bear cave together and took turns to read a page of the story.  What a wonderful morning.
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