KS1 Skipping Tournament

On Monday 26th November eight children went to the Costello School to take part in the Annual Basingstoke School’s Skipping Competition. The children participated in 3 rounds, being involved in 3 different activities. These were- Long Rope Singles, Individual Skipping and Freestyle- which required a routine of different styles, jumps and tricks. The Final round was a Doubles Long Rope Skip. The children scored points for their team, for every 10 skips they got a point in the individual skip and one point for every 5 skips in the Long Rope.

They did brilliantly, even under the unusual pressure of a competition and skipping in front of judges . They came 4th from 11 schools, many of whom were much bigger schools than Cliddesden. Special mention should go to Alexander who scored 110 skips on the individual skip.


The team was; Riley, Olivia, Amberley, Skyelah, Bailey, Alexander, Freya and Luke.


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