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Willow Class - Healthy Food Workshop

The children received a letter from the little old man and little old woman asking for their help. They wanted some healthy snacks as their gingerbread boy had been eaten.


Little Farm House

Traditional Tales Land


Dear Willow Class,


Please can you help us?


Our cheeky gingerbread boy ran away and got eaten by a fox.


We are sad and hungry.


We think you know a lot about healthy food.


Do you know some healthy snacks that might cheer us up?


We really like soft fruit because our teeth are a bit old now!





The little old woman and the little old man

The children had been finding out about healthy foods so they were ready to help.


Everyone drew their ideas and the Year 1’s wrote some recipes.


We invited the parents to come and learn about healthy food and good practises in the kitchen.


We started by sorting healthy and unhealthy food.


Then we told the parents about being clean and safe in the kitchen.


Everyone washed their hands and the parents cleaned the tables.


We made 3 recipes and worked together to peel, chop and make the snacks.


Afterwards, we all tried the snacks and decided whether they were soft enough for the little old man and little old woman’s old teeth!


We had a great afternoon and hope we have shown our good healthy choices and knowledge of safety.


Thank-you to all the parents who helped us.


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