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Ambulance visits Willow and Beech

The children in Willow and Beech class were very excited as we were expecting a visit from Alex the paramedic. When the ambulance arrived, we met Alex and he told us all about his job and how he helps people. Some children had prepared questions and asked Alex to help us find out the answers.


We looked at all the equipment Alex uses and how it works. We really liked the tail gate which goes up and down to get patients on and off the ambulance on a stretcher. Alex let us go inside the ambulance and we saw all the seats and carefully stored equipment. 

We also tried on some of Alex’s special clothes. He wears them to be safe when he’s helping people on a road. Alex showed us the flashing lights and we counted 16! He also put on the sirens so we could hear and see how the ambulance lets traffic know that it’s coming.


Thank-you so much for coming to visit us Alex. You do an amazing job helping people.


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